Sieves for mining screens – DIAFOR

Sieves for mining screens

Polyurethane discs

Used for free-fl owing substances grade separation according to
their particle-size distribution.
Abrasion resistance of PU sieves made of MDI-based material by
two-layer casting technology with reinforcement considerably
exceeds that of rubber-coated or stainless steel sieves.
PU-sieves keep higher screen effi ciency comparing to those
conventional sieves having the same capacity.
Various types of sieves produced by our company are used for
coarse fraction separation as well as sand sifting.
We produce:
• reinforced sieves with dovetail joint;
• reinforced stretching sieves with rigid bolt joint;
• reinforced sieves with conventional wooden wedge fi xture.
PU sieves are made of special MDI-based polyurethane with
the following physical and mechanical properties:
• shore A hardness – 75 ÷ 94;
• tensile strength – 40-48 MPa;
• elongation at break – 480-600%;
• tear strength – 35-70 kN/m;

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